Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jeanette Loff's Story

Jeanette Loff was a beautiful blonde with a soprano voice who almost became a Hollywood superstar. She was born Jeanette Clarinda Loff on October 9, 1906 in Orofino, Idaho. Her father Maurice was a violinist and her mother Inga was a housewife. She had three sisters and a brother. When Jeanette was an infant her family moved to Canada. A few years later they moved to Minnesota. Jeanette loved to sing at the age of sixteen she had a starring role in the operetta Treasure Hunters. In 1933 she moved with her family to Oregon. Jeanette studied music at the Ellison and White Conservatory and got a job playing the organ. On October 8, 1926 she married Harry K. Rosebloom, a jewelry salesman.

While on vacation in California Jeanette made a screen test and landed a bit role in the film Young April. For a brief time she used the stage name "Jan Lov".Cecil B. Demille offered her a contract and she quickly became one of Hollywood busiest starlets. In 1928 she had featured roles in Annapolis, Love Over Night, and Hold 'Em Yale. After her parents divorced Jeanette's mother and sisters came to live with her in California. She divorced her husband Harry in 1929. Jeanette claimed that he got jealous when he saw her onscreen. In 1930 she was engaged to song writer Walter O'Keefe but they broke up over their religious differences.

 She also had love affairs with producer Paul Bern and actor Gilbert Roland. Jeanette was becoming a popular leading lady and she got the chance to show off her soprano voice in films like King Of Jazz and Party Girl. By 1931 she had grown tired of playing ingenues and decided to take a break from making movies. She moved to New York city where she starred in several successful Broadway shows. Jeanette also performed with Buddy Rogers in vaudeville. She returned to Hollywood and tried to make a comeback with the 1934 drama St. Louis Woman. The movie wasn't a hit and her career stalled. Her final film was the comedy Million Dollar Baby.

She retired from acting and married liquor salesman Bert E. Friedlob in 1936. The couple had a tumultuous relationship and broke up several times. Jeanette began suffering from a stomach ailment and was often ill. Despite her problems she told friends that she was happy and didn't miss being an actress. On August 4, 1942 Jeanette died from ammonia poisoning. Three days earlier she had swallowed a bottle ammonia at her home. It is unclear whether her death was an accident or a suicide. Jeanette was only thirty-five years old. She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Jeanette was a lovely and talented actress but her career and life were cut tragically short.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jeanette and Buddy Rogers

In the Spring of 1932 actor Buddy Rogers asked Jeanette to join his newly formed orchestra. She spent several months touring the country and getting rave reviews as the lead vocalist.

Jeanette Posed Nude!

Jeanette had a lovely figure and she was never shy about showing it off. Early in her career she posed for a series of nude photos ...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Magazine Clippings

Jeanette became a very popular starlet. Here are some magazine clippings about her ...

Jeanette's Movies

Jeanette's film career lasted only eight years and during that time she appeared in more than twenty films. Many of her movies are available to watch online.


Million Dollar Baby ~ Rita Ray

Flirtation ~ Nancy Poole * WATCH IT *

Hide-Out ~ Blonde #2 with Maid

Benny, from Panama (Short) ~ Jeanette Foy * WATCH IT *

A Duke for a Day (Short) ~ Gloria Blossom

St. Louis Woman ~ Lou Morrison, the St. Louis Woman * WATCH IT *


Fighting Thru ~ Alice Malden * WATCH IT *

The Boudoir Diplomat ~ Greta (preserved by The Library of Congress)

See America Thirst ~ Woman (uncredited)

King of Jazz ~ Vocalist (It Happened in Monterey / Bridal Veil / A Bench in the Park) * WATCH IT *

Party Girl ~ Ellen Powell * WATCH IT *


The Racketeer ~ Millie Chapman * WATCH IT *

The Sophomore ~ Barbara Lange  * WATCH IT *

45 Calibre War ~ Ruth Walling


Love Over Night ~ Jeanette Stewart (a print exists at the Museum of Modern Art)

Annapolis ~ Betty

Man-Made Women ~ Marjorie (preserved by The Library of Congress)

The Black Ace

Hold 'Em Yale ~ Helen Bradbury

The Man Without a Face * WATCH A SCENE *

Fashion News ~ Herself * WATCH IT *


My Friend from India ~ Marion / Ruth Brooks * WATCH IT *

Uncle Tom's Cabin ~ Auction Spectator (uncredited)


The Collegians (Short) ~ Student (uncredited)

Young April ~ Extra (uncredited)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jeanette's Marriage To Bert E. Friedlob

In 1936 Jeanette married Bert E. Friedlob, a thirty-year old wholesale liquor salesman. He became her business manager but the couple had a rocky on-again off-again relationship. Their marriage ended tragically when Jeanette passed away in 1942. Four years after her death Bert married actress Eleanor Parker. They had three children together before they divorced. Bert also had romances with Lana Turner and Barbara Nichols. In 1950 he produced the film The Fireball. He produced several more movies including The Star and Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. At the age of forty-nine Bert was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away on October 7, 1956.

I would like to thank Bert's cousin Bill for sending me some photos of Bert and Jeanette