Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jeanette's Marriage To Bert E. Friedlob

In 1936 Jeanette married Bert E. Friedlob, a thirty-year old wholesale liquor salesman. He became her business manager but the couple had a rocky on-again off-again relationship. In 1941 Bert and Jeanette bought a large house located at 702 N. Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills. Their marriage ended tragically when Jeanette passed away in 1942. Four years after her death Bert married actress Eleanor Parker. They had three children together before they divorced. Bert also had romances with Lana Turner and Barbara Nichols. In 1950 he produced the film The Fireball. He produced several more movies including The Star and Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. At the age of forty-nine Bert was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away on October 7, 1956.

I would like to thank Bert's cousin Bill for sending me some photos of Bert and Jeanette

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